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BACE team

Our Story

Balance and Compliance Enterprise Limited (BACE) started from humble beginnings - with just one employee and a burning passion for providing quality accounting services.  As a recently-minted Chartered Accountant, Gary Messado began his journey of providing independent accounting services in 2013. By 2017, his consultancy mushroomed into Gary Messado Accounting (GMA). GMA was a sole trader accounting firm designed to meet the accounting needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, with a small team of 3 persons. However, it was always in Gary’s heart for the business to expand beyond him. He wanted it to be a space where a team of professionals owned the vision to strategically partner with businesses to provide financial accountability, tax compliance and business advisory services.  In October 2020, this desire culminated in BACE, a limited liability company. The company has expanded once again and now boasts a team of 13 professionals and several consultants positioned to provide a solid financial foundation upon which entities may GROW!

Gary Messado in suit

Meet the Team

Gary Messado

Managing Director

Motivated Chartered Accountant with 15+ years' experience, exceptional people skills, and commitment to developing others. Expert in accounting, tax compliance, and financial statement audits for diverse businesses.

Laurie Williams


While everyone may dread Monday, Laurie looks forward to it! Monday is one of her favourite days of the week. Laurie is a problem-solver, which is probably why you’re likely to see her doing a puzzle instead of catching a movie.

Trishana Mckenzie

Assistant Accountant

Trishana is a lover of music especially from the 70s to 90s era, and she enjoys tuning in to sports as well as watching movies or Korean dramas. She operates under the belief that “when God goes before me, the Holy Spirit dwells in me and Jesus walks along with me then nothing can defeat me.”

Desteny Prendergast

Assistant Accountant

Desteny is committed to performing at her highest potential and adding value to BACE. She is a woman of many interests, you can "Glow Up With Dess" through her makeup business or catch up with her on social media as she enjoying travels and gaining new experiences. 

Arlene Barrett


For Arlene, her service at BACE is guided by one of her many mantras: "To whom much is given, much is required". This, coupled with her interest in customer service along with training and development, has added value to the teams that she leads and to the BACE team at large.

Shinell Williams

Assistant Accountant

Shinell is a homebody with a love of family and good food. When she's at work she is in deep focus, usually with some pop-music in her ears; out of office you can usually find her curled up with a good book. Shinell holds herself to a high standard, and is committed to deliver on her promises. 

Hanton Sinclair

Assistant Accountant

Hanton is passionate about his work, committed to finishing tasks, and continuously seeks to expand his knowledge and skills. He embraces guidelines for managing his workload and uses the experience gained to develop practical skills.

Ava-Lois McKenzie

Tax Consultant

Ava-Lois is an experienced tax professional with expertise in Compliance, Expatriate Services, Revenue Negotiation, and Advisory. Her experience spans from a Big 4 audit firm to a large Jamaican manufacturing company. Besides work, she enjoys Track and Field, singing, and working with young people as a wife and mother.

Priscilla Spence

Internal & External Audit Consultant

Chartered Accountant with 10+ years experience in public/private sectors, meeting reporting deadlines and budget targets. Contributes to organizational success, empowering subordinates, and aligning goals.

Tamar Lewis-Ulett

Internal & External Audit Consultant

Tamar has over 15 years professional experience in financial accounting, assurance, financial advisory services, governance, risk management and controls. Tamar has served companies in the Telecom, Business Solutions, Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution, Shipping, Financial Services, Mining and Energy industries.

Shamoy Cole

Assistant Accountant

Shamoy is passionate about accounting and math, and a mother to a daughter. Reserved yet social, she enjoys planning events for loved ones, balancing work and fun. Her motto is "Be the change you want to see" and loves pizza, quesadilla, pasta, and iced coffee.

Sheldon Campbell

Operations Consultant

Sheldon, a problem solver, has consulted for businesses in various sectors in Jamaica and the US. A lifelong learner, he balances entrepreneurship, ministry, and family life. He enjoys Ramen anytime.

Moses Millington

Assistant Accountant

Moses, an accounting graduate, shifted focus from entrepreneurship back to accounting. He enjoys countryside trips, indulging in Burger King, and working out at the gym.

Ananda Latchman-Chand


Ananda's diverse cultural heritage and life experiences, including a culinary passion and an adventurous spirit, exemplify a rich tapestry of global influences, making her an invaluable asset to the team in understanding diverse client backgrounds and enhancing cultural competence in accounting practices.

Mahatma Comrie

Assistant Accountant II

Mahatma's athletic abilities, love for the outdoors, and his Maroon heritage highlight his teamwork, perseverance, and a unique cultural perspective that enrich team dynamics and foster a diverse work environment.

Tyra Spaulding

Assistant Accountant II

Tyra's multifaceted background, including her physical fitness enthusiasm, psychological interests, and her participation in the Miss Universe Jamaica competition, showcases her discipline, diverse skill set, and the ability to represent the firm in various capacities beyond accounting.


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